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:bulletblue:Bunnychan's Commissions:bulletblue:

Status: OPEN

By commissioning me you state that you have read everything on this page and agree with all the terms listed.


On standard 8.5"x11" cardstock. These prices are a minimum base and may increase due to complexity and other details.

Pencil Sketch
: $10 for one character; +$5 per additional character
Punk STR Sketch by bunnychan

Mature Content

Bijin Re-design Sketch by bunnychan
Portal Sketch by bunnychan

Ink Sketch: $15 for one character; +$5 per additional character
Trying to Scare by bunnychan BRS and DM Ink Sketch by bunnychan

Dip Ink: Prices start at $30 and will vary based on detail and additional mediums
Golf With Your Friends by bunnychan Fight for Your Soul by bunnychan TOUHOU CARDS: Marisa by bunnychan

Crayola Colored Pencils: $35 for one character; +$10 per additional character
Playing in Berry Lake by bunnychan  Puella Magi Pointy Weasels by bunnychan  Eeveelution Art Cards by bunnychan Y to the Sweat by bunnychan Slap Away Now by bunnychan Happy 6th Birthday, Kagamine Rin and Len! by bunnychan Attack on Bing by bunnychan

Prismacolor Colored Pencils
: $40 for one character; +$15 per additional character
Happy Halloween 2015 by bunnychan Gun Girl Miku by bunnychan Three of a Kind by bunnychan

Mature Content

Bloody Tei by bunnychan

Prismacolor Markers: $40 for one character; +$10 per additional character
NOTE: I often use markers as the base and Prismacolor colored pencils for shading and highlighting.
Nyanne Kiyoshi in Fashion Monster by bunnychan Happy 5th Birthday Kagamine Rin and Len by bunnychan Gary Drawing by bunnychan Free Fall by bunnychan My Cheese.... by bunnychan

: $30 for one character; +$10 per additional character
My tablet is broken so I am currently unable to do antything more than basic flat digital pieces.
Character Sheet: Strawberry by bunnychan :thumb421930228:  Walking in Sin by bunnychan Pete the Golden Panther by bunnychan BC's Snow Miku 2014 Design by bunnychan TROLLFACE by bunnychan NOM by bunnychan

Acrylic Paint: Prices start at $30 and will vary based on detail and canvas size
Baking Cookies with Gary by bunnychan Heza as Yoko Protrait by bunnychan

Plushie: Prices start at $40 and may raise based on level of detail
PLUSHIE: Tezuka Rin by bunnychan PLUSHIE: Hanako Ikezawa by bunnychan PLUSHIE: Tabitha Clough by bunnychan PLUSHIE: Saya ver. 2 by bunnychan PLUSHIE: Saya ver. 1 by bunnychan

Mixed Media: Prices vary from piece to piece; please inquire for a quote.
Your Shining Light by bunnychan Black Mantle Ver. 1 by bunnychan Kyuubey Hand Sewn Fleece Beanie by bunnychan A Taste of Hot Salsa by bunnychan In a Witch's World by bunnychan Let Me Show You a Trick by bunnychan


  • Backgrounds: Start at $5-$10 for simple background, more detail will result in a higher price.
  • Bristol Board: This will vary between each commission, but this is the minimum extra for each size.
    • 11x14 - add $5+
    • 14x17 - add $10+ 
    • 19x24 - add $15+
  • Shipping: Shipping is $5 within the US, international orders will be individually quoted. Items larger than 8.5"x11" can be shipped either flat or rolled; this is up to the customer's choice.


I can do different styles and am open to drawing just about anything. Just ask!
  • Anime style illustrations
  • Cute and sexy ladies
  • Adorable chibis


  1. You sent me an order request to my e-mail ( or via DA Note. Please include paper size, medium, number of characters, background info, and reference images (I require at least one visual image of any original characters; text only OC commissions will be treated as design works and will be charged more). Also, please note if I am marked "CLOSED" then I will not accept any orders at that time.
  2. I will contact you back on the final details, including asking for more information and the total. I reserve the right to turn down your commission for any reason.
  3. I request the deposit and you pay.
  4. I do a quick sketch for the basic image idea and ask for approval.
  5. I do the sketch and ask for approval.
  6. I request the rest of the payment and you pay.
  7. I continue on the image and will send pieces for approval along the way (this will vary depending on the individual commission).
  8. Final image is sent for approval.
  9. The original drawing will be mailed to you and a scan will be sent to your e-mail. CG commissions will receive the original inks and a print.


The commissioner is entitled to a certain number of image adjustments along the way. If I feel you are being unreasonable, I will add an additional charge. For example, wanting a pose change after I have inked will result in an additional charge equal to a an inked commission, since I would have to start over.

  • A non-refunded deposit of half the total commission cost will be required upfront. The other half will be due after the sketching stage has been approved.
  • Commissions will be done in the order of which were paid first. If you are late with payments then you will lose priority.
  • A commission with a rushed deadline is subject to an additional charge.
  • I only accept Paypal in US dollars as a form of payment. No CODs, checks, or money orders will be accepted.
  • Quoted prices are non-negotiable.
  • Personal commissions can be reposted, but please give credit back to me. They also cannot be used for any sort of profit (that would be considered a commercial commission and are handled differently). Personal, non-profit uses are fine. My signature MUST remain on the piece.
  • I reserve the right to repost the commission online, sell prints (OC's are exempt from this), and use it in my own promotional material (artbooks, portfolios, etc).
  • Commercial commissions (where the art will be used for commercial means) follow a different set of rules than those of personal commissions. Please contact me if you wish to contact a commercial business transaction with me.

  • If you cancel at anytime during the commission process I will ONLY refund half of the total. The upfront deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If, for any reason, I cannot finish your commission I will issue a full refund.
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June 14, 2013


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